Thousands upon thousands of teenagers are gearing up for their senior year, the final year of high school, the last hurrah, the big dogs on campus. Even if none of them ever use or have even heard of those phrases, they’re true, and they’re happening now. What a special time to be alive. We recen[...]


Every now and then, a truly beautiful love story comes along. It gives hope to the heart. It lights up the darkest dark. It reminds us that there is good, and sometimes goodness knocks at the most unsuspecting of doors in this whirlwind life. When doors that thought they might be shut forever ope[...]

Joe & MaryAnne Portraits

Joe & MaryAnne have been married for ten years. After their wedding, they were unable to reach their wedding photographer and therefore never received their wedding photos. When I met up with them recently at Scripps Pier in La Jolla, they wanted to begin by taking photos of them and their two k[...]


High school sweethearts. Ride or Die. Wifey. Bae. Our most recent bride and groom, Nikki and Adam could use these terms for each other on any given day. And as two young people seriously in love, we love them for it. While they may be young, and together since they were teenagers, they have a love t[...]

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